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This page provides resources relating to membership in the Texas Senior Corps Association.  TSCA offers two categories of membership.  Regular membership is for Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion or RSVP project directors.  Dues for Regular members are $200.00.  Associate membership is for other project or sponsor staff.  Dues for Associate members are $25.00.

The membership form may be printed out, completed and mailed to the association's treasurer, or alternately, you may fill out the PDF version of the form, then save and attach to an email that may be sent to treasurer@texasseniorcorps.org.  Payment may be by check mailed to the treasurer or electronically by PayPal using the button provided below.  PayPal allows you to pay with your credit card or bank account.

Please note that if you are paying via PayPal, you must choose from the drop down box whether you are paying for Regular or Associate membership.

PayPal users make certain that you read this paragraph.  Once you have landed on the PayPal site, before you finalize payment by clicking on the Pay button, you need to look for a line located above the Pay button that says, "Special Instructions" in bold typeface.  Just under "Special Instructions," it will say, "List Project Name and Member Name."  That is a message to you, telling you that you need to list the project name and member name.  To do so, click on the little underlined link that says, "Add."  When you click on it, a box will open that again reminds you to "List Project Name and Member Name."  Just click inside the box and type your project name and the name of the member for which you are paying dues.  It is very important that you take this step.  Otherwise your dues may not be properly credited.  And don't forget that the membership form must still be submitted in the mail or via email, even if you are paying by PayPal.  An emailed electronic version will get to the treasurer more quickly.

If you do not have a copy of the membership form, a link to a PDF version of the form has been provided below, along with the PayPal button for your use, should you choose to remit your dues electronically.

2017 TSCA Membership Form

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