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(12/07/2011) Here are some of the recent activities performed by RSVP volunteers in Bowie and Cass Counties.
  • RSVP volunteers assisted in the delivery of services under the Senior Medicare Patrol which provided information about Medicare fraud and abuse. Techniques and assistance were also provided to seniors as to what and how to complete state forms for submission to their insurance and doctors. Volunteers visited locations where senior congregated and gave presentations to groups.
  • RSVP volunteers were also helpful in the dispensing of materials to educate the general public about sexually transmitted diseases by placing door hangers on doors and speaking to ministers about these concerns. The state identified the area to be number 17 in the United States in terms of risk.  This endeavor was undertaken by volunteers along with some youth in the community.
  • Many seniors during the summer months experienced heat exhaustion associated with the high temperatures experience across Texas. Texarkana RSVP collaborated with the local cable company, local merchants and individuals in requesting the donation of box fans for the cause. During the summer of 2011, more than 210 fans were collected. Approximately 40 fans are in stock for the ensuing year. The sites of distributions were the county judge's offices as well as the Chamber of Commerce. Individuals could also pick up fans on behalf of the indigent and the elderly.
  • RSVP volunteers contributed their time mentoring, tutoring, providing nursing home care, library services, hospital services at over 31 locations.
  • Individuals who are required to do community service and are not sex offenders are referred to RSVP to rake and clean lawns of senior citizens. RSVP volunteers supervise their activities until the service hours are completed.
Highlights are listed in chronological order.
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