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(12/07/2011) Hill Country RSVP has many incredible volunteers in its program.  Here are just a couple of them, sharing some of their experiences in volunteerism.

  • "My name is Karen Newton. I started volunteering with Hill Country RSVP not long after I moved to Rockdale, Texas quite a few years ago. I wanted to give back to my community and help others in need by offering my vehicle and driving them where they need to go. I, at one time, had no vehicle to go anywhere and I know how frustrating that situation is if someone wants to go somewhere, such as the doctor or store and they have no transportation. I volunteer by driving people places they need to go during the day. Some of these individuals are elderly or just don't have a drivers license. They are so sweet and unfortunately, very lonely, just starving for conversation from someone willing to listen. When I am driving ladies around town, they familiarize me with the town each time we pass a certain home or closed down business. They tell me about the good old days when the town was busy and people came into town on weekends and did all their trading. I have grown to respect their tales and stories and look forward to each new one they tell me. I respect their opinions and ideas. Some of them really make a lot of sense. Volunteering gives me a feel good attitude toward just being able to get up in the morning and be grateful for my pretty good health. It makes me appreciate small things that I have taken for granted at times. By spending time volunteering, I feel I have made a difference in other people's lives and taken a little stress off them. I will continue helping out as long as I can and continue to know that I am making a big difference in someone else's life at the same time. After all, it's not only preaching about doing good for others, but practicing it as well."
  • Wilburn Morris writes, "I have been volunteering with Hill Country RSVP over two years. I volunteered for over 35 years with the Belton Fire Department, so I know the importance of volunteering for your community. I help every Christmas with the Christmas toys that the Belton Fire Department gives out for our needy children. This program is for the low income families. Just giving back to the public and seeing people who really need us is a joy for me. I love doing for others and helping with our recognitions for RSVP. I gather up all the donations for this so that the volunteers can have a nice recognition. I show up to help at the Income Tax for the low income people and elderly in our area. I sign the people in to get their taxes done. This service is free for them. I have a lot of time to spare I guess, because I volunteer where I'm needed. I believe I have made many people happy. I even get a joke in once in awhile."
  • Martha Hoyt writes, "When I moved to Temple six years ago, I wanted to become involved in the community and meet new people. I answered an ad in the newspaper for a volunteer position with RSVP. I began volunteering at Scott and White Hospital with the Senior Volunteers for the Childhood Immunization Program. After a few months doing this, I learned that the RSVP coordinator needed help in her office. I began volunteering there doing filing, assembling SVCI packets, data entry, and other jobs which needed to be done. I did this once a week for several months until I found out about the Temple Literacy Council. Being a retired elementary teacher, the opportunity to help someone learn to read touched my heart. I began tutoring in April 2009. I now work with two students and spend about 22 hours a month tutoring and planning lessons for them. This has been a very rewarding experience for me. I have also volunteered as a receptionist for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), an income tax preparation program for lower income families. Many hours have been spent enjoying games and other activities at Sammons Community Center. Through RSVP, I have met many wonderful people and have become an active member of my community. Thanks RSVP!"
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