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(12/07/2011) Austin FGP is pleased to share the story of one of its Foster Grandparents who currently serves at Fern Bluff Elementary in Round Rock Texas. Mimi (she does NOT want to be called Grandma), enrolled in the program last year and has been serving several children in the school for 6 hours a day and four days a week. One child in particular was a young girl in the 3rd grade who was new to the school. Her family had moved to the area due to her mother's illness and the availability to get excellent service from a local Oncologist.
B (the child) was very isolated, would come to school disheveled looking and was falling behind in school. Her family was struggling with caring for her mother and unfortunately, school became only a second thought as B was many times made to stay home to help with the needs of her mother. Mimi noticed the child and asked if she could begin to meet with her. She started with sitting with her at lunch and befriending her which then led to spending time with her during the day helping with school work. It even got to the point where Mimi had found someone to help with assisting the child getting clothing and her hair done. B began to blossom and even befriended some kids from school.
Unfortunately, at the beginning of this school year, B lost her mother to cancer. B's father came to the school the afternoon of his wife's passing and stated that B wouldn't get out of bed and asked Mimi to come home with him to get her our of bed. Mimi went to the house with the school counselor and after a bit, B asked Mimi to come to the viewing and funeral with her and hold her hand. Things were tough but Mimi was there to help B through the process.
A few weeks later, B's father approached the school asking for help finding a place to live as they couldn't take living in the house and didn't want to leave the area as B and her little brother loved the area. Mimi heard of the need and knew of someone who was being transferred across the country unexpectedly and needed to sell/rent their home. B's family was able to move in a few weeks later.
When Austin FGP Director Elizabeth Yocum sees Mimi at the school, she always make sure to ask about B. Mimi always has a huge smile when she talks about B. One time she said, "You know, I have lived my life, had my children and grandchildren and have been pretty blessed. However, God continues to bless me with precious children and puts me in just the right place at just the right time for His Glory."
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